Eastern Bluebird

The royal blue of the Eastern Bluebird is always a pleasure to see this time of year. Their sweet songs and vibrant colors are a welcome sign of Spring. You may notice birdhouse boxes in many parks and backyards built for them which has helped to boost their population over recent decades. This has followed a long decline due to loss of habitat.



Photos Copyright Jeffrey Foltice



  1. I started to write a comment and it disappeared into cyberspace. It was to say how precious it was to see the western (I think) bluebird in the BC interior in the spring, after such a long hard winter. Love the colours of these birds..


  2. I didn’t see them in such a long time, it’s great to see them here. I love the first photo with its beautiful wings spread out and I love how the bird’s colour stand out so well against the grey background in the last photo, my favourite. 🙂


    1. Thank you 🙂 Depending on the time of year, the Eastern Bluebird can be found from about the center of the United states all the way to the East coast and into Canada. They can be found as far south as Mexico and Central America in the Winter 🙂


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