A Touch of Winter

Today brought a touch of Winter to Southwest Michigan. With the snow freshly fallen, I found this walkway as an interesting subject to show the beginning of the snowy season here.


Photo Copyright Jeffrey Foltice


  1. I like how the perspective brings the viewers eye to the bottom right. Great shot! You make me wanna get all my camera gear out! Don’t make me find a phonebooth! LOL! And no Big Foot prints to mess up the scene… I like how winter scenes can look like black and white shots, even though they’re not. Good definition…


  2. We strangely had one itty bitty day of snow here that melted before it stuck. Grass is green and the only coming out of the clouds is rain. It doesn’t feel like November and I can’t wait for SNOW. Thanks for this gorgeous gorgeous photo, it helps in the meantime. The walkway is so beautiful without footprints in it yet.


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