Moonlit Flight

The best time to see the Supermoon in my area of Michigan was tonight. I was fortunate to also see this flight of Sandhill Cranes flying in formation as the moon was rising.

Photo Copyright Jeffrey Foltice




  1. Oh my gosh this is wonderful! Oddly enough I went to 2 hours northeast to a Sandhill Crane Reserve to shoot the Super Moon and Fly-in! I’m uploading my images now. I hope I have one this good! Just one, and I’ll be happy! 🙂
    The best for me here in Northern Calif. is tonight as well. It will be too dark tomorrow, and the morning isn’t doable for me.


  2. ‘circadian’ also mentions sandhills. weave got ’em here — heard then saw a flock flyin’ south just a couple daze back. neat/good/perfect? photo !


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