Burst of Orange

This male Baltimore Oriole discovered some pieces of fruit in the suet cake I had placed outside recently. Its burst of orange feathers caught my eye and moments later I was photographing him as he enjoyed a snack. The coloring was bright and vivid adding beauty to the day.

Photo Copyright Jeffrey Foltice



  1. I love it when a bright bird comes by for a visit. On rare occasions I’ve seen a pair of bullock’s orioles here. They don’t stay long but it’s a big thrill to see them. They’re very similar to your Baltimore oriole. That’s a great closeup shot of him.


  2. berleave it or not (or believe it… or else!) –> I think weave gawt the same birds “here” — hundreds of miles from Jeffrey’s stomping grounds. Just today and yesterday I happily watched a couple of them with their nest-tending duties here, in the “high desert” of the western u.s. of a …


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