Stars of the Equinox

After driving down a westbound road, directly into the blinding sun as it was setting, I waited until dark to capture the beauty of the stars on this Autumnal Equinox. I also managed to find a shooting star in one image in addition to a portrait of the moon I took shortly after the sunset.

Photos Copyright Jeffrey Foltice





Stars in My Eyes

The Petite Pointe Au Sable Lighthouse (The Little Point of Sand Lighthouse) was completed in 1874 along the shores of Lake Michigan. Its light rises 108 feet over the waters to signal ships the location of the shoreline. I had photographed it recently during the day and decided to try the same subject at night with the sky full of stars this time.

Photos Copyright Jeffrey Foltice


Here is a wider view of the same scene shown below


Diamonds in the Sky


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I was amazed by the sea of stars that appeared after I uploaded this image from my camera.  I used a Sigma 10 mm Fisheye lens at F-2.8 ISO 800 for a 30 second exposure in Allegan County, Michigan. The conditions were perfect with a clear sky with no wind that evening.